Low Doc Loans

Low documentation (or low doc) loans are specialised loans that require fewer documents to secure your financing, than a standard loan.

Typically, standard loans require two years’ worth of business and personal financial statements and lodged tax returns – but this can prove tricky if you’re a sole trader who doesn’t earn a regular income or a small business owner just getting started.

That’s where low doc loans come in!
Low doc loans, also known as alt doc loans or non-confirming loans, use other methods to verify income, assets, and liabilities and prove your ability to repay your loans. They don’t need payslips or job contracts and it’s ok that you earn different amounts each month. So, if you’re self-employed, an independent contractor, or a freelancer, a low doc loan might be the financing solution you’re looking for.

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Full Online Process

It happens all online, from requesting a quote to accepting a deal and getting the dream caravan paid.

Expert support

At CarMoney, our Ninjas work to find the right solution for you. We can help with everything from the loan to sourcing the vehicle if you are yet to find one.

Personalised rates

We consider all your circumstances to find the best product which matches you. Lenders have their eligibility criteria, and interest rates can differ from applicant to applicant.

At CarMoney, we make it super simple to apply for a low doc loan with our quick, secure online application process.

Seriously, it only takes a few minutes! Plus, you’ll get instant pre-approval and you’ll hear back from us within 24hours!

But wait! Got questions before you press the “go” button? No worries, our finance ninjas are a full bottle on all things low doc loans and they are ready and available when you need them.

Now that’s financing solutions done right!

Don’t let a lack of paperwork stand in your way. Trust our independent finance ninjas to connect you with lenders who regularly work with others in your exact situation.

Contact the team to learn more and find a financing solution that’s right for you.


A vehicle loan is an amount of money provided by a lender to enable a borrower to buy a vehicle. Lenders charge interest on the sum borrowed and the sum plus interest has to be repaid over an agreed period.

At CarMoney, we partner with a large panel of lenders who offer products based on your personal credit profile, the term over which you wish to repay the loan as well as the age and value of the asset upon which the security for the loan is attached to.

A deposit is optional for a loan. Lenders have their own criteria and policies to identify if a deposit is required.

CarMoney collaborates with a large panel of lenders, many of whom offer no-deposit loans.

The best way to apply for a loan is to contact an expert finance broker like CarMoney, who works for you to ensure you are offered the best available loan across a large panel of lenders and that it is not unsuitable for you

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