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It is a type of loan for consumers, a personal loan for buying a car. Since the vehicle is not a security for the lender, it takes a higher risk, usually resulting in a higher interest rate than a secured car loan.

Unsecured car loans can finance both new and used cars.

Lenders determine eligibility and the interest rate based on credit score and overall creditworthiness; the interest rate can be variable or fixed depending on the lender and circumstances.

It may save money by resorting to a secured rather than an unsecured loan.

Flexible loan structure

You get significant control over your car loan repayments, being able to pay it off faster and save money.

Personalised rate

Interest rates are calculated on your personal circumstances so that they meet your needs with the right loan.

Instant response

We can quickly match your information with our lenders to provide you with a response in a few minutes.

Our Process

  • By beginning the application, any information you provide will be used to match you with the most suitable lender.
  • We will complete a Soft Search that has no impact on your credit rating
  • Instantly show your eligibility with some of the market’s top lenders
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It is a type of personal loan that allows consumers to purchase new or used cars, avoiding the vehicles being used as collateral for the loan. Since unsecured car loans involve higher risks for lenders, interest rates are usually higher and may not be available to everyone, and different lenders can have other eligibility criteria.

The best way to apply for an unsecured car loan is to contact an expert finance broker like CarMoney, who works for you to ensure you are offered the best available loan across a large panel of lenders and that it is suitable for you.

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