Electric Car Loan

So, you’re thinking of making the switch to an electric car or upgrading your current one?

Good for you!

Electric cars are quieter and have lower emissions than those powered by fossil fuels meaning they are better for the environment. Plus, if we may say so, nowadays they look pretty snazzy – welcome to the future!

All that’s left is to find the right electric car loan… CarMoney (and our finance ninjas) at your service.

We can help you find the right electric car loan in just a few steps, or you can have a go yourself with our electric car loan calculator.

The amount you can borrow is determined on a number of things such as:

  • The length of the electric car loan
  • How often you want to make repayments
  • If you have a deposit (and how much)
  • Your credit profile (don’t worry, there are options for everyone)
    The age and value of the asset you’re seeking a loan for

Speedy Responses

We can quickly match your information with our lenders to provide you with a response in a few minutes.

Fixed or Variable Interest Rates

We check with our trusted lenders for the best fixed or variable-interest-rate deals for you.

Calculate Repayments in Seconds

Our calculator will identify in seconds what repayments, term and interest rate you could get from our lenders.

At CarMoney, we partner with a large group of lenders who offer products based on this information.

Our finance ninjas (aka car loan brokers) will whittle down the options based on the information you provide, to match you with the most suitable lenders and find the best deal possible.

You’ll be enjoying peace of mind in your new electric vehicle in no time, knowing your choice of electric car loan was provided by trusted, impartial, efficient professionals who were committed to finding the right solution for you.


A vehicle loan is an amount of money provided by a lender to enable a borrower to buy a vehicle. Lenders charge interest on the sum borrowed and the sum plus interest has to be repaid over an agreed period.

At CarMoney, we partner with a large panel of lenders who offer products based on your personal credit profile, the term over which you wish to repay the loan as well as the age and value of the asset upon which the security for the loan is attached to.

A deposit is optional for a loan. Lenders have their own criteria and policies to identify if a deposit is required.

CarMoney collaborates with a large panel of lenders, many of whom offer no-deposit loans.

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