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At CarMoney, we understand that when you’re ready to buy a new car (or motorbike or caravan, or jet ski or boat – you lucky thang!), you just want to get on with it. You want to know how much you can borrow and which lenders are going to offer you the best financing options for your requirements and circumstances, without fuss.

Right? Well, that’s where we come in!

At CarMoney, we firmly believe that everyone who wants or needs a car, should be able to have one. That’s why we make financing your next vehicle, simple. Our team of dedicated finance brokers (we call them the finance ninjas!) provide personalised, genuine support and use our network (and algorithms of course) to offer financial services across three main loan categories: car, leisure and commercial.

We’ll find you a range of loan options from Australia’s most trusted lenders, to suit your needs.

We are proud to:

  • Offer a quick and easy online application process (seriously, it only takes a few minutes!)
  • Challenge more than 30 lenders across Australia to provide their best loan options
  • Be 100% independent in the finance solutions we present to you
  • Offer fast, same-day approvals
  • Be backed by 7 years of experience in the UK (yup, we started in the UK and are expanding into Australia!).

Our customers trust us because our finance brokers are efficient, impartial, and transparent – we’ll never bury or over-complicate our terms and conditions, and we’ll never sneak in secret fees.

We’ll support you all the way – from choosing and getting your finance approval, to buying the vehicle – we are ready to help you now.



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How we can help

Car Loans

At CarMoney, we genuinely believe that everyone deserves to have access to a car if they need or want one. That’s why we are 100% committed to finding the right car loan for you, and we promise no hidden fees, no sneakiness, no fuss.

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Leisure Vehicles Loan

It does not matter what vehicle you dream of, if it is about road, water or sky, or whatever you are interested in, our expert ninjas can help to find the best loan at the best interest rate meeting your circumstances and needs.

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Commercial Car Loans

Whether you’re self-employed, a small to medium business, or the biggest company Australia has ever seen, CarMoney can quickly and easily connect you with the right commercial finance lender for your specific needs.

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Even if the rates we get you seem too good to be true, relax, they’re not.


We won’t steer you towards a particular lender, we simply present you with great financial options

We’ll find your best deal

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We take care of the paperwork – all you need to do is choose your new car and drive away!

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We’ll sort all the details and you just decide when to collect your new car!

Our Partners


A vehicle loan is an amount of money provided by a lender to enable a borrower to buy a vehicle. Lenders charge interest on the sum borrowed and the sum plus interest has to be repaid over an agreed period.

At CarMoney, we partner with a large panel of lenders who offer products based on your personal credit profile, the term over which you wish to repay the loan as well as the age and value of the asset upon which the security for the loan is attached to.

A deposit is optional for a loan. Lenders have their own criteria and policies to identify if a deposit is required.

CarMoney collaborates with a large panel of lenders, many of whom offer no-deposit loans.

There are a number of factors lenders use when deciding what interest rate they will offer a prospective borrower. These include but are not limited to, the borrower’s credit score, the type of asset that the loan will be secured against, the term or length of the loan, the borrower’s current financial position and financial goals.

You can use our calculator to determine the loan repayments and costs based on differing interest rates and terms.

Generally, brokers will ask for verifiable details about your personal identification, residential address(s), number of dependents, employment history, details of any assets and liabilities along with details of your current income and expenditure. If some of those details are not easily verifiable or if the requested sum is close to what would be considered to be your maximum borrowing capacity, you may also be asked to complete a link to enable your broker to generate an open banking report which quickly produces a filtered and categorised snapshot of your recent banking conduct.